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The Stallion Nomination Centre offers all breeders a platform to buy and sell stallion nominations (services), as well as stallion shares and lifetime breeding rights.

Buyers Please Note

  • All nominations listed for sale are being sold by share holders or breeding rights holders – they are NOT owned by the studs who stand the stallions.
  • It is up to you to make an offer. Decide on an offer price, and nominate your payment terms and conditions required (Free Return, Live Foal Guarantee, Pay on Live Foal).
  • Email your offer with the proposed mare (including the mare’s current pregnancy status) and we will submit your offer to the Vendor.

      ** If you are already negotiating with the stud or have booked your mare into the stallion,

Please DO NOT contact us trying to secure a better deal. **

If you have never purchased a share or shareholder nomination previously and are unsure how this process works, please feel free to call Brett.               Some helpful information is also available on our “STALLION SHARES & NOMS FACTS” page.



Please enter your details at the bottom of this page to receive updates on listings and offers.

Email your offers to Jane Henning –

Please don’t hesitate to call Jane Henning on 0414 944 094 or Brett Howard on 0403 037 773 should you have any questions.


2024 Current Nominations For Sale

StallionsAdvertised Fee incl GSTOffered Nomination InfoStudState1st yr at stud
Acrobat (AUS) 2018$13,750100% GSTCoolmore StudNSW2022
All Too Hard (AUS) 2009$38,500100% GST
Vinery StudNSW2013
All Too Hard (AUS) 2009$38,500FOAL SHAREVinery StudNSW2013
Alpine Edge (AUS) 2018$7,700100% GST
Clear Mountain FairviewQLD2024
Artorius (AUS) 2018 $22,000No GSTNewgate FarmNSW2023
Bellevue Hill (AUS) 2016$9,900100% GST
Platinum ThoroughbredsVIC2020
Better Than Ready (AUS) 2009$27,500100% GSTLyndhurst StudQLD2015
Bivouac (AUS) 2016$55,000100% GSTDarleyNSW2021
Bondi (AUS) 2015$TBCNo GSTLynward ParkWA2019
Brazen Beau (NZ) 2011$33,000** SOLD **DarleyVIC2015
Captivant 2013$22,000No GSTKia Ora StudNSW2018
Cliff's Edge (AUS) 2014$3,300No GST
** NEW **
Bombora DownsVIC2021
Cool Aza Beel (NZ) 2017$16,500100% GSTNewhaven ParkNSW2021
Cosmic Force) 2016$11,000No GSTNewgate FarmNSW2020
D'Argento (AUS) 2014$16,500100% GSTBowness StudNSW2020
Dirty Work (AUS) 2016$13,200100% GST
Divine Prophet (AUS) 2013NZ$10,350100% GSTHighview StudNZ2017
Don Corleone (AUS) 2020$13,200No GST

Eureka StudQLD2024
Doubtland (AUS) 2017$13,200100% GSTWiddenVIC2021
Dubious (AUS) 2016$15,400100% GST
Kitchwin HillsNSW2020
Ellsberg (AUS) 2017$9,900100% GST
Murrulla StudNSW2023
Empire of Japan(AUS) 2020$9,900No GST
** NEW **
Hopetoun FarmQLD2024
Extreme Warrior (AUS) 2018$16,500100% GSTRosemont StudVIC2022
Extreme Warrior (AUS) 2018$16,500$22,500 +100% GST
Additonal noms '24 & '25
Rosemont StudVIC2022
Gold Standard (AUS) 2014$9,900SALE of LIFETIME BREEDING RIGHT
** SOLD **
Graff (AUS) 2015$9,900100% GSTKitchwin HillsNSW2021
Hanseatic (AUS) 2017$16,500100% GSTRosemont StudVIC2021
Headwater (AUS) 2012$9,900100% GSTVineryNSW2016
I Am Immortal (AUS) 2016$13,750100% GSTSwettenham StudVIC2020
In The Congo (AUS) 2018$27,500100% GSTNewgate FarmNSW2023
Invader (AUS) 2014$8,800No GSTAquisQLD2018
Jonker (AUS) 2015$12,500100% GSTAquisQLD2022
King Colorado (AUS) 2020$16,500100% GST
King Colorado (AUS) 2020$16,500FOAL SHARE
King's Gambit (AUS) 2020$22,000** UNDER OFFER **Newgate FarmNSW2024
King's Legacy (AUS) 2017$22,000No GSTCoolmoreNSW2021
Microphone (AUS) 2016$22,000100% GSTDarleyNSW2023
Nicconi (AUS) 2005$16,500100% GSTWidden VIC2010
North Pacific (AUS) 2017$16,500100% GSTNewgate FarmNSW2021
Overshare (AUS) 2014$5,500100% GSTWiddenVIC2018
Pariah (AUS) 2014$6,600No GSTOaklands StudQLD2018
Portland Sky (AUS) 2017$19,800100% GST
Pride of Dubai (AUS) 2012$22,000** SOLD **CoolmoreNSW2016
Profiteer (AUS) 2018$11,000100% GSTNewgate FarmNSW2022
Rebel Dane (AUS) 2009$11,000100% GSTWidden NSW2017
Royal Meeting (IRE) 2016$22,000100% GSTLovatsvilleVIC2020
Royal Meeting (IRE) 2016$22,000FOAL SHARE
Russian Camelot (IRE) 2017$19,800100% GST
Shamus Award (AUS) 2010$38,500100% GST
Rosemont FarmVIC2014
Shooting To Win (AUS) 2011$8,800100% GSTOakland Park StudWA2015
Star Witness (AUS) 2007$8,800100% GSTWidden VIC2011
State Of Rest (AUS) 2018$27,500100% GSTNewgate FarmNSW2023
Strasbourg (AUS) 2016$PRIVATE100% GSTRosemont StudVIC2020
Stratosphere (AUS) 2015$7,700No GSTGrenville StudTAS2019
Sword Of State (AUS) 2018NZ$17,250100% GSTCambridge StudNZ2022
Tagaloa (JPN) 2017$22,000No GSTYulongVIC2021
Tiger of Malay (AUS) 2018$11,000100% GSTNewgate FarmNSW2022
Time To Reign (AUS) 2016$TBC100% GSTKingstar FarmNSW2021
Top Ranked (IRE) 2016$7,700100% GSTRaheen StudQLD2023
Victor Ludorum (GB) 2017$13,750100% GST
** NEW **
Wild Ruler (AUS) 2017$27,500No GSTNewgate FarmNSW2022
Xtravagant (AUS) 2012
$16,500100% GSTNewhaven ParkNSW2017
Xtravagant (AUS) 2012
$16,500$20,000 plus GST
Newhaven ParkNSW2017


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