The Doggone Boss Of The Equine Lot

There exists an old quote: Dogs are not our whole lives but they make our lives whole. They stand beside us, rest their nose in our hand when we are stressed, partake in long car journeys with no complaint (unless their designated window isn’t down), take a place at our feet/or next to us on the couch after a long day, elect not to answer back when we are in a mood, and can make us endlessly laugh with their endearing characteristics and playful nature.

When it comes to thoroughbred farms, barns and spelling paddocks you will be hard pressed not to find a much loved dog somewhere in the immediate vicinity. Like the equine royalty they share Google Map
coordinates with there are many canines who boast vintage bloodlines and faultless conformation. Others point to more blue-collar pedigrees or quirky personalities but despite these differences they have much in common: they all vie with the children on the farm for general favouritism (note – most own more toys and snack boxes than the former), they want for nothing, and the farrier is a universal favourite.

Meet Randwick Bloodstock’s canine companions Sybil and Daisy by clicking the below image.

Copy: Magic Millions

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