Get the Best Value with Randwick Bloodstock’s Stallion Nomination Centre

On the 1st of September stallion barns across Australia and New Zealand kick into gear and as the stallions are about to commence covering, there is a growing sense of urgency from many of Randwick Bloodstock’s stallion nomination vendors seeking a buyer for their nominations.

If you have never utilised The Stallion Nomination Centre service, and it is important for you to get a first-rate deal on your stallion nominations each year, please keep reading.

Golden Slipper winner Stay Inside is one of the stallions listed with his first foals arriving this spring.

Randwick Bloodstock’s The Stallion Nomination Centre offers all broodmare owners, commercial or hobbyists, an attractive source for securing their stallion nominations or services. When you visit The Stallion Nomination Centre web page, you will see a list of stallions with nominations for sale.

The vendors of these nominations own either a share or a lifetime breeding right in the stallion listed. Some years breeders find themselves in a position where they are unable to utilise the annual nomination attached to the share or breeding right which they own, so they list them for sale with Randwick Bloodstock. It is essential to note that none of the nominations listed for sale are owned by the studs which stand the stallion.

Pierata has relocated from Aquis to Yulong and will have his first runners this season.

Some vendors take the view that a small or reasonable return on their nomination is better than watching it “go to waste”. In recent times, buyers who have utilised The Stallion Nomination Centre have been able to save themselves as much as $20,000 on a nomination, while most buyers rarely fail to save between $1,000 to $5,000.

“When so many breeders are struggling to stay in the “black”, these can be significant savings! If you are running a business, it is crucial to continue to look at ways to cut down on your costs,” said Randwick Bloodstock’s principal, Brett Howard.

“You could be missing out on improving your bottom-line if you’re not considering our service! For hobby breeders, it is worth noting some vendors are not GST registered, therefore, straight away there is a 10% saving on a nomination purchase.”

Divine Prophet is a full brother to reigning NZ Champion Sire Proisir and is now standing in New Zealand too.

Apart from saving money, a buyer can usually negotiate favourable payment terms and conditions. For example, most of the vendors are happy to sell their nominations with payment on Live Foal. It is important for buyers to remember all these stallion nominations are negotiable instruments, and they are welcome to offer whatever price, payment terms and conditions they are after.

Obviously, the vendor needs to agree to the offer and the mare proposed, however with some negotiation, a deal can usually be struck. Once a deal is in place, an agreement is drawn up and signed by the seller and the buyer.

The appropriate stud farm is then emailed with information about the buyer and their mare. And from there on, the buyer (or the broodmare farm where the mare resides) is in direct contact with the stud to arrange the stallion covering for the mare. It is a simple process which Randwick Bloodstock has in place and has helped hundreds of happy buyers and sellers over the past thirty or so years.

A G1 winning son of So You Think, D’argento will also have his first runners this season.

The Stallion Nomination Centre page is open “24/7” and can be viewed on Randwick Bloodstock’s website. The table is fully interactive and can be arranged in alphabetical order, advertised stud fee, location, farm or year to stud. The list of nominations for sale is constantly changing and is updated at least once every week. As our current advertisement indicates, we presently have stallions from “A to Z” listed for sale with us.

Hopefully there is a stallion on the current list or a future list which suits your mare and price bracket. Or if you are a shareholder or breeding right holder with a nomination you would like us to try and sell, you are welcome to get in touch. Whether you are buying or selling, Randwick Bloodstock is here to help.

For more information, please visit or contact Brett Howard on 0403 037 773 or

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